Tantra is a deep Spiritual Practice, which is done with the Body and through the Body.

Allow me to guide you and your partner along the path of awakening the senses. I invite you to take a very special time to ignite the flame of the Divine Spirit that resides within you.

From here, I invite you to reconnect with your body from the Soul. We will welcome you to your sacred space to explore the Art of Tantra.

By activating this inner Fire, you will allow yourself to perceive your own sensuality and eroticism on another level. To relax deeply. To feel true pleasure and discover the state of sacred Unity between you.

Private Tantra Sessions for Couples

Our Private Tantra Sessions will rekindle the flame of devotion, love and sex for you, both individually and as a couple.

This offering consists of three Private Sessions organized as follows:

• One hour Tantric Session only with you: 1,800 pesos.
• One hour Tantric Session for your partner alone: 1,800 pesos.
• Two hours of guided Tantric Practice guided by Hari Darshan with you and your partner together: 3,600 pesos.

★ Ask me about the discount for Women who live in Todos Santos.

Please contact us to schedule your Tantric Sessions:


+52 624 355 9352

One or Two Day Tantric Retreats for Couples 

If you want to have a powerful spiritual experience as a couple that will unite you forever, this is your Private Retreat!

• We teach you to Meditate with your Personal Mantra, based on your date, time and place of birth.
• We cleanse and activate your 7 Main Chakras.
• Principles of Tantra.
• Principles of Pleasure.
• Sacred Self Touch.
• Sacred Self Touch as a Couple.
• Dynamics to awaken eroticism and passion in very deep levels.
• Yoni Massage.
• Lingam massage.
• Kundalini Activation.
• Kundalini Yoga for Radiance.
• Sacred Dance.
• 3 Delicious, Vegan, Organic, Farm-to-Plate Meals.
Beautiful and quiet accommodation, in the middle of pristine nature.

Value of Your Private Retirement as a Couple for One Day, all included, (accommodation, meals and Workshops): 17,900 pesos

Value of Your Two-Day Private Retreat, all inclusive: 29,000 pesos

Our Private Tantra Retreats of One or Two Days, are designed so that they can restart the flame of passion as a couple and connect with each other on a much deeper level.

We are waiting for you with great love and enthusiasm to make your Private Retreat a very rich and pleasant experience for you!

To check availability, please contact us as soon as possible: +52 624 355 9352

Looking forward to connect with you soon!

Hari 🌹

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