Imagine being reborn and radiating beauty from within

Imagine discovering and accepting yourself, falling in love with you.
Living from that precious energy, radiating your light and your beauty.

Manifesting a community of centered, creative and free women. Women that are connected with the earth, the skies, the waters and the fire. Women who have taken full responsibility for their lives and through their divine feminine power, heal themselves and help humanity to heal.


Getting more and more Women to activate their Divine Feminine for their own self-knowledge, healing, creation, expansion and pleasure. When a woman vibrates those qualities in her being, she reflects them in all her environments, benefiting herself and her environments, at a micro and macro level. We wish to achieve a critical mass of Women Goddesses to generate loving and compassionate transformation in the world.


Receive my book as a gift when you enroll in any of my Workshops or Retreats.

“This book is a bible for women” – Ingrid Guibar

What you will transform into yourself by becoming a


Recycle your energy every month in sync with the moon

Heal your sacred feminine energy and your sexuality

Belong to a tribe of supportive goddesses who think and feel like you

Turn your karma into your life purpose (Dharma)

Change from the role of the victim to the role of the protagonist in your life

Awaken and connect with the Goddess that already resides within you

Radiate magnetism from your feminine soul

Join us and become a blessing to the world!

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